Wembley High School, East Lane, Wembley HAO 3NT – Hall and Library and 6th Form facility.



Surveyors. ABA Chartered Surveyors.


Client: Wembley High School
Hall and Library.  Cost: £850,000.  Completed Dec 2008.


The construction of a new school hall and library on the site of an existing playground.

There was a 300mm diameter foul sewer under the proposed building. For sequencing reasons this was diverted after the building was completed during the summer holidays.

Existing large trees in close proximity resulted in heave precautions for the piles and the ground beams foundations. The piles were positioned to miss the approximate position of the sewer.

The single storey structure was steel framed with perforated metal roof for acoustic reasons.

Sixth form facility. Cost £1,200,000. Completed Mar 2011.

Involved the construction of a new three storey structure alongside the recently built single storey library and linking to with two additional floors to be constructed above the library.

The new building would be used as a canteen and twelve classrooms.

The existing library was to be demolished down to the top of the ground beams. Due to the inadequacy of the library piles to support the additional load, underpinning piles and ground beams were provided to support the additional loads and the existing piles/ ground beams were reused.

The structure was a three storey steel framed with upper floors consisting of insitu concrete on metal decking flooring. The sloping roof was also metal decking.


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